Summer School at the children of africa school system (Kopie)

30.09.2014 16:05 von Angelika Göricke

This is Emmanuel S. Blama and today am here to brief you on the current summer school that is being conducted at the Children of Africa (Kinder Afrikas) School System in Bong Mines, Liberia.

Currently there is this Ebola crisis ongoing which may be looked at as dangerous as a war in quick affection. With this, people don’t really know who is who and whether they are affected. It has become more difficult to contained with the rate of illiteracy and traditional African Beliefs that are accustomed with our native African people.

The virus has since its outbreak killed more than 2600 persons and lots more affected and confirmed cases. This have led to imposing a curfew and a state of emergency firstly for 90 days and revised to time indefinite. This has also caused a halt to all learning institutions (Grade schools, Vocational school, University or colleges etc.) and everyone in the country is advised to stay away from all gatherings of any kind.

In consequence to this, our sponsor kids are left to stay without schooling and studies that may lead to poor study habits. Our (Kinder Afrikas e.V.) projects are also affected greatly by this action. We have therefore decided to conduct a small scale summer school for our sponsor kids to keep their minds freshened all the time.

The Summer school is conducted for our few sponsorship kids in and around Bong Mines. The summer school is attended every Monday, Wednesday and Fridays. The Children come in the morning hours including the teachers of the school and the kids are shared into groups of three or four per teacher. The teacher teaches mainly on the current Ebola outbreak, transmission and prevention for about an hour. The kids wash their hands with chlorine mixed with detergent soap and antiseptic to disinfect the hands before the session starts and every 15 minutes of the classes. They were supplied copy books, pens, pencils and other essentials to help them take down notes on the lectures.


The lecture series comes to an end after an hour and the kids all assemble outside to properly wash their hands with the disinfectants. After the washing of hands, the kids are provided a little lunch and then let to return to their homes and prepare for the next days.

The teachers in their quest to keep the school awake are on campus every day to sign in and out and then attend to anything they are needed for on the campus and can then return home.


Until the pronouncement of the opening of schools in the country by the government, Kinder Afrikas e.V. will continue to carry on the summer school to keep the minds of the kids refreshed until the opening of schools in Liberia.

On behalf of the kids and everyone in Liberia, we want to say thank you to our beloved sponsors and hardworking organizational members that continue to offer their best in every way to keep the future of our country bright. May we remain blessed and we continue to offer our services to those in great needs!!!


Until the next time, have a nice time!!!!!

Emmanuel S. Blama