New Hand Pump for the School in Bong Mines

16.05.2015 15:00 von Anthony Collins

The hand pump project which was one of the most craves projects on our current site; started on March 13, 2015. On this day, the contractor first started with the digging of the well. During the first day the contractors dug four feet. After this day, they started the molding of the culverts for the well. Each culvert measured 2 feet. At the time of the culvert construction, we didn’t have the resources for the culvert mold rental fees. As such, the head of the contractor asked us to pay for four ceiling panels along with tie wires was used as the mold in making the culverts. On March 16, the contractors again returned to the digging of the well; on this day they dug additional three feet’s. The additional feet extended the depth of the well to twenty-seven feet.

The contractors returned to molding culverts, making two culverts per day until March 20, 2015. They later started digging the well; this process covered up to eighteen (18) feet. The digging process continued in full swing until they reached twenty-four (24) feet on March 25, 2015.

After they reached this level of feet, the water started breaking down the soft soil in the well. This was quite risky for the digger’s lives.  With this situation they appeal to us to stop at this feet, we opted to wait a little bit to see how this entire thing could have turned up. So they went back to molding the final culverts. They molded a total of fourteen (14) culverts. After molding these culverts, they returned to digging the well. This time, an additional three (3) feet were added to the first twenty-four (24) feet. As a result of this further digging, the depth of the well stops at twenty-seven (27) feet. So the fourteen (14) culverts molded; thirteen (13) were exactly measured at two feet. While the additional one was measured at one foot.

After placing the culverts in the well, they moved on to erect the fence around the well to control random movement or entry into the pump yard.

The hand pump and it accessories were paid for by Emmanuel and Anthony in Red Light, Paynesville and transported to Bong Mines by a commuter bus. After this, the contractors did the installation and our inspection proved that the contractor work was perfect; their balance salary was paid in full.

The dedication of the newly installed hand pump was very great it was attended by the district education officer Mr. Patrick C. Jerbou, the district health officer Mr. Francis Kollie, with all of the teachers and the administrative staff of the Children of Africa School System (CASS). In his speech, the District Education Officer of Fuamah said only three hand pump in the whole of Fuamah district school system and Children of Africa is the first private school to have a hand pump in the district. He described the hand pump project as a great project that will impact our school, community. He extended his gratitude to the donors and the vision bearer of Kinder Afrikas e.V.

Let me also use the opportunity to thank the board, sponsors and all who donated their resources for the provision of clean and safe drinking water for our school and the surrounding communities.