April 2012

Anthony Collins

Garden Project of Anthony shows first success

21.04.2012 00:20 von Anthony Collins

My name is Anthony K.C. Collins and I grew up at the MTA orphanage since September 12, 1996. My garden project started back in January 2012. At the time, I intended to cultivate a large field. 

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Easter Sunday at the MTA Orphanage

09.04.2012 15:45 von Anthony Collins

The Easter Sunday at the MTA Orphanage Home started with the measuring of 15 cups of flour. The mother of the home (Oretha Langford) asked the bigger girls to do the baking. While they got flour from the warehouse, our mother asked me to get cabbage from the garden for the home.

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Emmanuel Blama

Report on a school trip of Scholarship Student Emmanuel Blama

04.04.2012 00:01 von Emmanuel Blama

My name is Emmanuel S. Blama and I am from Gardnersville Monrovia - Liberia. I was born on February 1, 1994, I attend a yellow and black painted school (Wells-Hairston Institute) on the road side of the Chicken Soup factory Community opposite the Maggi Cube Factory in Gardnersville Monrovia and I am in the grade 11. I am also a staff member of Kinder Afrikas e.V and a scholarship  holder of the organization. I work as the Sponsorship Programme Manager for the organization responsible for the straightening of the Sponsorship Programme.

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